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October 08, 2019, 02:30 PM

Making a Deeper Connection with Your Readers Using the Dear Reader Exercise

A talk by Justin Spizman
Book Architect, Justin Spizman, LLC

Many authors write about what inspires them and by the time their book is done, very little time has been spent considering the reader or why they've picked up the book. Yet, when we make an early connection with our readers, they're more likely to finish our books, share them with friends, and buy future titles. Learn how to do just that using the Dear Reader exercise.

And don't forget to download the instructions for doing the Dear Reader exercise from the Media section in the sidebar to the right once this session begins.

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Publish with Purpose companion workbook

This workbook is often used during Tara's Publish with Purpose presentations as a handout to attendees. It covers some of the key exercises outlined in the Publish with Purpose book so that you can work through the exercises on your own.

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